How Pure Is Your Tap Water?

We at Drinkpod are cognizant of the fact that water contamination is a very real problem in today’s day and age. Here are some common contaminants that lace your drinking water and may cause irreparable damage to you and your family’s health.

Lead: Lead can seep into your water through rusty pipes and cause water to become toxic. By its very nature, lead is toxic to humans even at low levels. Water contaminated with lead results in cognitive impairment and damage to the nervous system, especially in growing children.

Drinkpod’s technically adroit chemical scrub ensures that removes 99% of lead in your water, making it safe and lead-free.

Bacteria: Disease-causing bacteria are commonly found in drinking water. Exposure to harmful bacteria results in you and your children contracting harmful diseases and weaker immune systems. Bacteria such as E. Coli found in contaminated water causes gastrointestinal diseases which may lead to permanent damage to the body.

To ensure that your family’s water is healthy, pure and bacteria-free, we at Drinkpod have ensured our filters have modern technology that ensures that 99% of bacteria are eliminated at the core.

Sulphur: Sulphur contamination in your drinking water can cause the water to be unappetizing and also result in the water smelling like rotten eggs and the bacteria in Sulphur make the water slimy. Sulphur contamination affects a healthy lifestyle and emotional well-being. Drinkpod’s novel technology filters are equipped with membrane technology that cleans your water of Sulphur and other contaminants.

Additionally, Drinkpod’s clean water technology makes your water taste better and fortifies it with minerals. More taste, more health! Our wide range of filters and coolers ensure maximum health and minimal hassle - for your home and office water purification needs.


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