• Full Installation Kit Included
  • 3 + Ultra Filtration (0.01 Microns)
  • Stainless Steel Accents
  • Integrated Drip Tray
  • Mid-Tower Form Factor
  • EZ Twist Filters For Fast Swapping
  • Ambient / Hot / Cold Temperature Modes
  • Precision Mechanical Dispensers
  • Hot Mode Safety Lock
  • Product Includes 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Additional Protection Plans Are Available Below


Appliance Size (W x D x H ): 12.25 inches  x 14.17 inches  x 40.94 inches 


The Drinkpod 100 Series is a top pick for anyone who is health conscious, and wants to drink delicious water. Perfect for personal, family, or office use, the 100 Series’ output capacity and quality construction allow it to keep up with any situation.

Are you looking for the best value? Well, look no further. The 100 Series utilizes Drinkpod’s 3 + Ultra filtration, allowing it to out perform every water cooler in its class, while still maintaining its entry level pricing. The purification system starts with a particle scrub to remove sediments like lead. Next up is a chemical scrub that cleanses chemicals such as chlorine. The final two stages include the incredible Ultra Filtration Membrane, removing all contaminants down to 0.01 microns, and a flavor/odor scrub to ensure your water is pristine and delicious.
The 100 Series does away with clumsy awkward bottles and tanks, by tapping directly into your waterline, eliminating the need to ever swap bottles or fill a tank. Plus, the installation kit is included with ever unit. 
With three independent temperature modes, this Drinkpod is outfitted to meet, and exceed all of your drinking needs. From a piping hot cup of Chai tea, ambient water for your next batch of cold brew coffee or cooking, or a crisp refreshing glass of chilled delicious water, every drop ultra pure water filtered through our one micron filtration pod will leave you wanting more.
Finally, to top it all off, we’ve engineered the 100 Series with precision mechanical dispensers, and EZ-Twist fast swapping filters, to ensure maintenance only takes minutes, and your experience is hassle free. Plus, if you should ever have any questions, our Brooklyn-based in house support team is there for all of your needs. 

100 Series + Installation Kit Bundle

$429.00 Regular Price
$339.00Sale Price
  • Total Rated Power 520 Watts
    Heating Power 420 Watts
    Refrigeration Power 90 Watts
    Water Production Power 10 Watts
    Rated Pure Water Flow 0.32 gal/min [43.5 psi] (1.2 L/min [0.3 MPa])
    Hot Water Production 1.01 gal/hr (4 L/h) ≥ 185°F (85°C)
    Hot Water Storage 0.26 gal (1 liter)
    Cold Water Production 0.66 gal/hr (2.5 L/h) ≤ 50°F (10°C)
    Cold Water Storage 0.8 gal (3 liters)
    Temperature Requirements 40 °F - 100 °F (4.44°C - 37.78°C)
    Humidity Requirements ≤ 90%
    Water Pressure Requirements 14.5 psi - 58psi (0.1 MPa - 0.4 MPa)
    Water Source Quality Tap Water
    Appliance Size 12.25 inches (310 mm) x 14.17 inches (360 mm) x 40.94 inches (1040 mm)
    Packaging Size 14 inches (358 mm) x 15.25 inches (386 mm) x 47.44 inches (1205 mm)
    Net Weight 39.9 lbs (18.1 kg)
    Gross Weight 44.53 lbs (20.2 kg)


8747 20th Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11214


(844) 374 - 6576


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