Drinkpod Elite 5 Series Bottleless Hot and Cold Water Cooler Dispenser with 3 Stage Purification, Complete Installation Kit and Cafe Connect




  • BOTTLELESS WATER COOLER: The Drinkpod Elite 5 Series Series high-end bottleless water cooler connects to a water source that will supply a steady stream of delicious pure water with instant chilled or hot water for all your office family needs.
  • ULTRA +3 ADVANCED PURIFICATION: Included with the Drinkpod Water Dispenser are 3 multi layered water filters that make up the ULTRA +3 advanced purification system featuring a chemical and organic scrub, ULTRA scrub, and polishing scrub providing a reliable 3 Stage water filtration, for impeccable clarity pure drinking water.
  • GET PURE WATER FOR YOUR COFFEE OR ICE: The novelty Café-Connect feature of the Drinkpod Elite 5 Series water cooler dispenser allows you to connect your water cooler to a coffee maker or fridge ice maker. Deliver top-standard water to your other appliance.
  • PLUG AND PLAY: The Drinkpod Elite 5 Series Water Cooler Dispenser comes with a full installation kit , optional parts to connect to another appliance, detailed instructions with illustrations and 3 filters consisting of 1 x carbon water filter, 1 x UF membrane water filter and 1 x polishing post carbon water filter.


The Drinkpod Elite 5 Series Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser is slim and attractive that will add a beautiful touch to any home or office setting. Featuring 3 powerful multi stage water filters and two independent temperature modes, this bottleless water cooler is outfitted to meet and exceed all your drinking needs. From a piping hot cup of Chai tea, or a crisp refreshing glass of chilled delicious pure water, every drop from the water cooler dispenser will leave you wanting more. The Drinkpod 2000 Elite 5 Series water dispenser connects to an existing water line to supply delicious fresh pristine pure water though its ULTRA +3 Pod technology easily accessible outside the water cooler dispenser A complete installation kit is included with a detailed easy to read manual and illustrations to get you set up in less than 30 minutes. The Bottleless Water Cooler is also equipped with Ice/Café Connect and can provide refreshing delicious water for up to 2 additional appliances like your ice-maker and coffeemaker.



Width: 13.58 in.

Depth: 17.91 in.

Height: 17.32 in.

Dispense Area Height: 6.3 in.



Cold Water Storage: 0.92GAL

Hot Water Storage: 0.26 GAL

Drinkpod Elite 5 Series Countertop Water Cooler - Ultra+3 Advanced Purification

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  • Appliance Width 13 in. 
    Appliance Depth 17.5 in. 
    Appliance Height 16.5 in. 
    Dispense Area Height 6.3 in. 
    Appliance Weight 28 lbs (121.7 kg)
    Total Rated Power 510 Watts
    Heating Power 425 Watts
    Refrigeration Power 85 Watts
    Pure Water Production 0.32 gal/min (43.5 psi)
    Pure Water Storage 0.92 GAL (3.48 L)
    Cold Water Production 0.92 GAL/hr : 35.6°F - 46.4°F
    Cold Water Capacity 0.92 GAL (3.48 L)
    Hot Water Production 1.06 GAL/hr : 172°F - 194°F
    Hot Water Capacity 0.26 GAL (1 L)
    Drip Reservoir Capacity 0.04 GAL (0.15 L)


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