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The Drinkpod Pro Series 6 Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser is slim and attractive and features a unique blue led accent light, that will add a beautiful touch to any home or office setting.  With two independent temperature modes, this water cooler is outfitted to meet and exceed all your drinking needs. From a piping hot cup of Chai tea, or a crisp refreshing glass of chilled delicious water, every drop of ultra-pure water filtered through the Ultra Fine filtration pod will leave you wanting more. The Drinkpod 6 Series connects to an existing water line to supply pure filtered water though its ULTRA +3 filtration technology contained inside a magnetic door in the water cooler dispenser A complete installation kit is included with a detailed easy to read manual and illustrations to get you set up in less than 30 minutes. The Drinkpod 6 is also equipped with Ice/Café Connect and can provide purified filtered water for up to 2 additional appliances like your ice-maker and coffeemaker

Accessories Included:

  • Ultra +3 Advanced Purification Pods -3 Water Filters
  • Complete Installation Kit
  • Instruction Manual

Product Features:

  • Never Buy Bottled Water Again: Just one set of ULTRA 3 filter pods in your Drinkpod is capable of producing up to 7,200 half liter bottles worth of pure and delicious water.
  • Constant Flow: The Drinkpod 6 is capable of providing a steady stream of deliciously pure water. Water is supplied to the appliance through its standardized 1/4 inch quick connect port.
  • Stainless Steel Insides: Utilizes food grade T304 stainless steel hot and cold water tanks.
  • Unique Blue LED Accent Light
  • Two Temperature Modes with Mechanical Controls: The Drinkpod 6 Series features cold, and hot temperature modes (with child safety lock), each controlled by an independent mechanical dispenser.
  • Ultra 3+ Advanced Purification System: Concealed within the Drinkpod cabinet are three dedicated scrub pods that make up the ULTRA +3 advanced purification system. These include a chemical/organic scrub, ULTRA scrub, and polishing scrub. One set of these extended life filters will last an entire year for the average household. Replacement is as simple with the EZ-twist mounting system.
  • CHILD SAFE: The Drinkpod Water Dispenser features a child safety lock on the hot water spout so the entire family can use it worry free.


WAVE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES GOODBYE with this high-end bottleless watercooler, which will be directly connected to the water source to supply you with instant chilled or hot water for all your family needs.

GET PURE WATER FOR YOUR COFFEE OR ICE: The novelty Café-Connect feature of the Drinkpod water cooler allows you to connect it to the coffee maker or fridge ice maker. Deliver top-standard water to your appliance!

UPGRADE YOUR KITCHEN DÉCOR: This sleek water cooler system with the unique Blue LED Accent Light will add elegance to your home kitchen or office. No more bulky countertop water dispensers that lack style!

OFFER YOUR LOVED ONES CRYSTAL-CLEAR WATER: The Carbon Water Filter, UF Membrane Water Filter and Post-Carbon Block Water Filter provide reliable 4-Stage water filtration, for impeccable clarity drinking water.


Drinkpod Pro Series 6 Bottleless Water Purification Dispenser

$449.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price

    • This Chemical Filter uses granular activated carbon to reduce THMs, organic contaminants, industrial pollutants, and pesticides. Mesh Coconut -Based Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
    • ULTRA Filter utilizes submicron membranes to reduce suspended solids, bacteria, colloidal silica, pyrogens, and large organic molecules. ~0.02 Micron Polysulfone UF Hollow Fiber Membrane
    • Polishing Filter utilizes an activated carbon block to greatly reduces undesirable taste, odor, and color, and improves the safety of drinking water. 2 Micron Coconut-Based Activated Carbon Block
  • Total Rated Power 545 Watts
    Heating Power 465 Watts
    Refrigeration Power 80 Watts
    Rated Pure Water Flow 0.32 gal/min (43.5 psi)
    Hot Water Production 1.01 gal/hr : 172°F - 194°F
    Hot Water Storage 1.32  gal
    Cold Water Production 0.66 gal/hr : 34°F - 42°F
    Cold Water Storage 0.8 gal
    Temperature Requirements 35 °F - 100 °F
    Humidity Requirements ≤ 90%
    Water Pressure Requirements 14.5 psi - 58 psi
    Water Source Quality Tap Water
    Filter #1 Type Mesh Coconute-Based Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
    Filter # 2 Type

    ~0.02 Micron Polysulfone UF Hollow Fiber


    Filter # 3 Type

    2 Micron Coconut-Based Activated

    Carbon Block

    Appliance Width 10.24 inches
    Appliance Depth 17.72 inches
    Appliance Height 43.7 inches
    Appliance Weight 50.71 lbs


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